Next stop was Mirissa. I know this is not the best way to tour Sri Lanka, since Pinnawala is at the centre and Mirissa isthe southernmost tip of the country.And yes, there’s way too much to see in different regions as well. But, elephants and whales topped my bucket list and we directly hit these places instead of the usual ones like Kandy, Sigriya, Ella, so on and so forth (which I’ve reserved for my next trip).

Mirissa was all about beaches, cafes, tiny roads and trippy hostels. There was literally no piece of land below this. Take a left, you go to Australia; Right takes you to Madagascar and a straight sail goes down to the South Pole.


Bon accord was a small guest house I stayed in and I really enjoyed this cosy place.

Costed about 82$ without breakfast.

Whale watching:

We went whale watching with a company called RAJA and the whales. They had the highest ratings and they proved that right.

Cost about SLR 5000 per head inclusive of breakfast. (If you don’t spot a whale, they promise to refund 50% of the money. Check their terms and conditions)

But whether you spot a whale or not, totally depends on your luck. Hey, it’s the wild and it’s difficult to predict if they will show up for us or not. After all, it’s Mother Nature. Once you’re out there, you play by her rules.

We boarded the boat at 6 AMand travelled till about 12 noon to spot a whale. Make sure to put an entry at the office and get to the harbour at least by 5:45 AM if you want to get the best seats on the upper deck.

You might get bored throughout the journey, but if you spot a whale close to your boat, it’s totally worth it. They kept giving us food and snacks. Don’t eat if you’re prone to sea sickness. They give you avomine to combat that as well. In my case, I threw up and slept until 12:00 PM to avoid throwing up again.

At about 11 AM, we spotted tons of dolphins. And much later, we spotted 2 Orcas (Killer Whales) that swam so close to our boats. They were kind enough to come up a little bit and grace us with their beauty. I had my own FREE WILLY moment. It was totally worth it.

Other activities in Mirissa:

  • Surfing
  • Water sports
  • Scuba diving
  • Eat Outs I enjoyed:
  • Zephyr Restaurant & Bar
  • Kama
  • Dewmini Roti (Pocket Friendly)