Words fail me and I am so thankful that my job takes me to someof the mostbeautiful places. And Every time, I leave a little piece of me behind with thesemy lovely clients.

So, here’s my first blog about this country you guys wanted to hear all about on Instagram- Sri Lanka.

I never got a chance to explore anything during my first two visits to Sri Lanka. The first time,I merely scratched the surface, quite literally. In other words, I didn’t step my foot outside the airport.I landed in Sri Lanka for a transitway back in 2013.The second time was a work trip and I just stumbled into a limbo of time.My work kept me occupied, and the trip came to an end in a wink.Finally… this time, when I got another opportunity to travel to Sri Lanka, I began dreaming about a vacay already. Before I pounce on the details of my vacation part of the trip, let me start with my work.

Meet Jeevika, my darling bride who flew me to Colombo. To begin with, she had such a warm family that took care of me like one of their own.

The biggest challenge for me was that I was swamped with work this Muhurtham season and the late night flight to Colombo was absorbing my energy. And here I was in this foreign land, with a bride and the whole family banking on me. There’s no way you can go pick something up if you forget or arrange anything in the last minute.

Wake up at 2am – makeup – hair – skip breakfast – saree change – breathe – saree change – breathe – touch up – saree change – search for that one lipstick in the abyss of products – touch up – breathe – pack up. This was pretty much the ritual for the first two days, but very enjoyable.

That being said, my bride was extremely co-operative and trusted me completely. I had a ball of a time doing hair, makeup, 267738839 saree changes and everything else in between, on my own, for her.

For south Indian brides, there’s something we consider timeless. We’re talking about effortlessly radiant skin-like makeup. My bride has her roots in South India, and she wanted to look like one for her ceremonies. To help her with that, I created a beautiful traditional hairdo and airbrushed her skin to perfection.