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Former HR Manager turned full-time Makeup Artist

Art is a big part of my story.

I grew up with a love for art and painting. Although I was self-taught and possessed zero techniques, I somehow managed to get it right – from painting a sunrise to nailing a winged eye! Pursuing a creative career was my downright instinct and was imbibed in the bones.

After high school, I was advised to pursue a “safe” and a “promising” career, and so I did. But the passion and fire for art, gave the courage to quit my regular job, and become a makeup artist. That one small step was a giant leap indeed. And as much as I wasn’t interested in working 9-5, it was solely the reason for my motivation to do something different.

My journey to get my first bridal booking and winning her feelings was long, filled with hurdles, responsibilities and practice, relentlessly and endlessly, scrambling for time from work. From trying makeup on friends, myself, experimenting with skin tones, textures and products, doing free work, paid work, to getting rejected right there, I’ve done it all to get to where I stand right now. Yes, there are no shortcuts.

I was also fortunate to have the best people around – the ones who gave me the mental strength and the ones who trusted me by lending their faces. It was around this time when I quit my job & launched Kabooki Makeup Artistry, and needless to say, I’ve never looked back.

I spend so much extra time, over and beyond my call of duty in my bridal work. I spam brides with picture references for hair, makeup, dresses, décor, jewelry and what not, just to make sure the most important day of their life is perfect. I stop at nothing and feel so responsible and somehow share a special bond with my brides. If you’ve worked with me, you know. Let’s just say I enjoy the additional responsibility, whole heartedly.

In my 2 years of working as a professional makeup artist, I also ventured into special effects makeup, which helped me climb up top and be among the Top 5 Makeup Artists of NYX Face Awards 2018, a national level creative makeup contest.

I’ve got published and featured in some of the big newspapers in the country for my work – The Hindu, Times of India, The Indian Express and so on. I’ve played a creative role in several photo-shoots that are now international subjects of importance – Tinted Skin, Transgender rights, Vitiligo awareness, to name a few.

My forte now lies in bridal makeup, creative makeup and body painting. Makeup to me does not hide beauty. It’s a form of expression. I love working on tinted skin. You’d never find me making a complexion lighter. My specialty is simply enhancing what’s there, and I am glad my brides have always loved that about me.